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Tuscany is one of the region that foreign people love more. Although it is bathed by the sea, the country area is the most fascinating part. The landscapes change with the seasons, from the golds of summer to the reds of the autumn. Vineyards, ancient farmhouse and golden sheaves be the perfect location for your wedding in Tuscany!


Piedmont is a huge region famous for food, lakes, wines and truffles. Langhe region offers unrivaled country panoramas. Indeed is a region full of historical Castles and ancient Villas. Another amazing place to say yes in Italy! 

Dukedom of Parma and Piacenza

The Duchy of Parma and Piacenza spans over 300 years of history, but the over 30 between fortresses and castles on this territory preserve much older memories. Noble families, feudal lords and warlords lived between those walls that tell of the courage to oppose the enemies in this frontier land and of great transits. They tell of patrons who called great artists to give splendor to their residences and refined courts.

In this less known area you will feel like you were in another era. The stern territory and the atmosfere of the castles will be an unusual  scenery to celebrate a themed medieval wedding in Italy.

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