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Our amazing Cities offers so many different kind of venues. In so many different styles, from baroque to gothic from romanic to neoclassical. But also futuristic and modern structures.

So, share with us your style and your favorite city and we will propose you so many venues that you will be spoiled for choice!
Contact us for a proposal!

Rome - fabulous Baroque in the center

If you are looking for a Roman venue full of grandeur, this Palace is a fabulous Baroque house dating back to 1880, located in the historical area of Domus Aurea. 

The charming mansion is in the center of Rome, a few steps from main attraction of the city.  

Each space has gorgeous interiors, featuring high ceilings with ornate details and beautifully furnished with traditional art work and glass chandeliers. And a huge garden, inside the propriety will make your wedding in Rome even more romantic!

Rome - Neoclassical Villa

This beautiful home umbertina, dates back to 1873, is nestled in a well-kept garden it offers a breathtaking view of Rome, almost touching the dome of St. Peter.

The house manages to perfectly balance the tradition of a historic house with the luxury and elegance of a modern venue, ideal for large wedding or a more intimate celebration.

There are a range of spaces available for your wedding, within the house itself and also on the terraces and out in the gardens. 

Milan - Historical building

This masterpiece of XVII Century architecture, entirely restored in the XVIII Century, is one of the most beautiful and important historical residences in Milan. The main gallery was decorated by Tiepolo. Hiring this magnificent residence for your wedding means adding prestige to the occasion, by associating it with a long and distinguished history.

Milan - Exclusive Club

Headquarter of a noble club in the center of the city, is one of the ten oldest gentlemen's clubs in the world that has remained continuously in operation since its founding. Although is not so easy to be allowed to make a reception in there, is gained, this represent the most exclusive place in Milan where to celebrate a formal and traditional wedding.  

Milan - Industrial modern

Flexible and prestigious container with sophisticated design, unique architectural beauty, with the atmosphere of the historic and contemporary loft. The world of fashion, art, advertising, cinema, creativity and communication finds here their ideal place. An industrial space for your fashion and modern wedding in Italy! 



This villa is a perfectly preserved 17th century stately home in the centre of Genoa, surrounded by large gardens with a view of the sea and overlooking the city. It provides a setting of great prestige for organizing your wedding in Genoa!


The most luxurious and grandiose Florentine villas of the 15th and 16th centuries were built or re-built by generations of great lords, the Medici family. This Villa is just few km away from Florence and offer the characteristic tuscan country panorama.


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New venues soon on line... come back to visit us or contact us for finding the best venue for your wedding in Italy!

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